Hawaii is famous for its beaches.Every year water sports,especial

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Hawaii is famous for its beaches.Every year water sports,especially surfing and water skiing attract many tourists to the island.
Hawaii has been a magical name to people who like to travel for many years.People on both sides of the Pacific Ocean(太平洋) in Japan and in America,dream of seeing these beautiful islands in the middle of the ocean.In the tropical(热带的) lands,the sun drops like a ball of golden glow(落日余晖) that light the sky in the quiet water.
People often have a quiet,enjoyable time walking along the water.The scenery here is not every different from the exciting beauty that greeted the first tourists to these islands centuries ago.They came in canoes not much bigger than small boats.
They found the beautiful white sand beaches and the waving palm trees(棕榈树,but there were no grand hotels like the ones we see today.The first people came to Hawaii nearly two thousand years ago,but skyscraper(摩天大楼) hotels were only built in the last 25 years.Now planes make it possible to fly to Hawaii for a weekend from Tokyo or San Francisco.
No matter where people come from,they really want to see the earliest beauty of Hawaii.They want to see the lovely beaches and the mountains which are almost hidden by the tall hotels.
61.What’s Hawaii famous for?
A.The beautiful beaches.B.the tourists to the island.
C.The waving palm trees.D.Surfing and water skiing.
62.What does the sun drop like in the tropical lands?
A.The sea.B.A ball of golden fire.
A.A glow.D.The quiet water.
63.When did the first people come to Hawaii?
A.In 1987 B.About twenty-five years ago.
C.In 1012.D.About two thousand years ago.
64.The beauty of the islands _______ for centuries.
A.has changed B.has greeted the first tourists
C.has remained nearly unchanged D.has been the same
65.Which is true according to the passage?
A.People really want to see the earliest beauty of Hawaii.
B.People often have a quiet,unhappy time waling along the water.
C.People only in Japan dream of seeing the beautiful islands.
D.People found the beautiful red sand beaches in Hawaii.
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